Veteran (“Seasoned”) Lectors

Veteran LectorsPurpose of Veteran Lector Training Program

A “seasoned” lector is anyone who has been in the ministry for more than a few months. The purpose of this two and a half hour, single-session training program is to help experienced lectors, who may have received little or no prior training, to improve their abilities with scriptural proclamation.

Primary Objectives:

  1.  Become more aware of the purpose of the Ministry of the Word and the “personal religious” nature of scriptural proclamation, including the use of emotion in proclamation.
  2. Experience the impact of feedback from peers as a means of improving the lector’s skills and abilities.
  3. Demonstrate the roles of Pausing, Word Stress, Emotion, Phrasing,and Parenthetical Expressions in effective proclamation and how lectors can master them.

It is recommended that the program be offered at least annually and that all experienced lectors in the parish participate in the program as frequently as they see fit. While attendance at the session probably should not be mandatory, given people’s schedules, it should be encouraged. Because of the nature of the training methodology used it is strongly recommended that the group be limited to not more than 20 participants. 10-15 participants is the preferred group size.

The training session can also serve as an introduction to the parish’s monthly

Lector Study Group program. This monthly meeting is a strongly recommended activity for all lectors.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this program.