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Study Group


Monthly Lector Preparation/Study Group
Suggested Agenda
[Monthly meetings will rarely exceed 2 hours]

Opening Prayer
A formal or impromptu prayer led by the Lector Trainer or one of the session’s participants.
NOTE: If a participant, make sure that person knows in advance that they have this responsibility.

Brief Meditation
Choose a brief story, poem, commentary, prose piece, or similar item. Read it aloud slowly and thoughtfully. Allow 2-3 minutes so the group can consider the significance of the piece in their lives.

ASK: “How did the meditation “hit” you?”
“How is it significant in your life as a lector?”
NOTE: As the group becomes more comfortable with the process, ask a participant to prepare the meditation for the next meeting. If so, make sure that person knows about this well in advance of the meeting.

Proclamations for the coming month
Identify who among the session’s participants have been assigned during the next month. Ask each, in turn, to proclaim a reading from those on the Sunday they are assigned. Allow time for feedback from the group to each presenter.
NOTE: Ask the presenter to state what they were trying to do with their proclamation. Ask the group to stress the positive things they liked about the proclamation in the first round of comments.

Have fellow lectors make suggestions for improving the proclamation. Encourage an exchange of views, thinking, etc.  Is it highly recommended that annotated copies of the readings be available for review.

Concluding Prayer
Lead the group in a simple prayer (it may be recited as a group as well).

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