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About Us

The following quotation succinctly expresses what our ministry is all about.


 I believe that the call to be a sower of the Word is a privilege and a blessing…
I believe that
usually only God knows what sprouting and greening will come from the Word planted through my ministry.
I am content in knowing that I have tried,
with the Sower’s grace,
to seed that Word in faith and joy.

Joyce Rupp, "A Creed For the Sowing of Seeds," Fresh Bread (1985), pp. 73-74

Lectorsproclaim.org, Inc. is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Georgia (USA), ID# 26-1505054. as well as with the IRS (same number). We rely for financial support solely on the generosity of the lectors and others who use this website as well as from the training aids and other materials available through the site.

Gene-10-2012-150-170 Gene Hayes is our founder and unpaid webmaster. He is assisted from time-to-time by a number of other people who act as critics, contributors, sounding boards, technicians and advisers. We are always looking for contributors. Please contact us if you have something you think would be beneficial to other lectors.

Gene is a former Director of Lectors at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (Alpharetta, GA). In 2006 he was asked to join the Atlanta Archdiocese Lector Training Committee. In 2008 Gene was invited to join the Faculty of the Archdiocese of Atlanta Diaconate Formation Program.  Gene’s background includes teaching and school administration as well as being a consultant to school administrators for a large company involved with educational data processing. Gene’s career has focused on expanding the use of computer technology as a means of improving administrative performance in schools. His experience includes business management as both a middle-manager and business owner. He currently is retired but is active as Chairman of the Board at Hayes Software Systems, located in Austin, TX.

Earth-in-His-HandsC-300x290Since the early seventies Gene has been a lector in parishes in several states and parts of the country. He has also been a director of lectors in three parishes. In the early 1990’s Gene became directly involved in lector training and developed a comprehensive training program aimed at improving the proclamation skills of all lectors. The Diocese of Austin encouraged him to think about publishing the program. Recently, the Archdiocese of Atlanta has been very supportive promoting the use of the materials within the archdiocese. The lector training materials now available through this website are in use in parishes across North America.

How You Can Help Us!

We all know money is tight right now.  If you use our site from time-to-time as you prepare to proclaim please consider donating some money to sustain our efforts.  Any amount, large or small, will be most welcome.

To make a donation go to the "Contact" page for address information.  Make your check payable to LectorsProclaim.Org and mail it to us at the address indicated.  We will be most grateful for any amount.

Do you have a suggestion to make that would improve our site, the quality of our proclamation preparation aides, etc?  Perhaps you’ve run across a thought-provoking item that moved you and which you think will move others.  Whatever your idea or suggestion may be, please take some time to share it with us.  Use the “Contact” page and your message will get to us.

Finally, we certainly hope you’ll talk up our site with other lectors who can find it helpful.  We already know that more than 1,000 people – lectors, clergy, religious educators, etc. all over the world visit LectorsProclaim.org on a regular basis.  We’d like to see this number grow to thousands! Recommending our site to others is the most effective way we can think of for you to help us.

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